Custom Stainless Restaurant Equipment Installation Services

 Custom Stainless Can Handle ANY Job... We Can Change YOUR Equipment Installation Nightmares Into An Easy & Effortless Stainless Installation Experience!

Now Also in Granbury, texas 76048

Custom Stainless Hood Installation Hibachi Restaurant
Pasdena Old Town Bar Duct Work

We build Custom Stainless;  sinks, tables, shelves, dish tables, counter tops, wall flashing, pass-thru window shelves and trim, hood skirts, water heater stands , complete counters with doors lower and mid shelves, door frames , corner guards and wall caps, stainless cove base, soda machine counters and SO MUCH MORE, with over 40 years of experience, we can build and install virtually ANY custom stainless project you may need.

Stainless is truly THE most cost effective material to build with , wood may be cheaper in the short run, but when that wood rots, and it will, leading to all kinds of code violations, safety hazards and logistical nightmares... we will be coming to your business to replace all that rotten wood with quality, custom & lifetime guaranteed stainless steel.

So why not save yourself the trouble and your business the money and call orange county custom stainless to come out and get the job done right the first time, every time.

We also design and install very nice designs of mop-sink trim to keep your walls dry as well as many custom parts and designs... just ask!

For all your hood needs we are Captive Aire dealers, Specializing both type 1 and type 2 .

Captive Aire also has a new duct system that is a bolt together single-wall  or a double-wall fire-wrapped duct,

We are experts at installing, maintaining & repairing all of these Captive Aire products for you. 

We are Certified Thermal Ceramics dealers and installers for all of your your duct wrap and fire protection needs. 

We can build all the custom duct work to connect your hood to your facilities blowers and swamp coolers.

We can come to you and do mobile TIG welding for repairs in cracked sinks and more.

We can help you figure out what works best for you and your building when it comes to hoods and duct systems including make up or return air.

This is what we do best and it is what we are licensed for, so let us help with all your custom stainless needs. 

We are one of the quickest shops around, we are able to get an order for Starbucks counter tops at 10pm and deliver them by 2pm the next day to their warehouse. 

So make your first call for any and all of your Orange County Custom Stainless needs!

These pictures are of a bar in Pasadena old town with captive air duct work and fan . 

Custom Stainless Orange County and Granbury Texas 

Located primarily in and servicing restaurants and businesses located  (or soon to be located) in sunny Orange County California.  We are THE full service Custom Stainless Fabrication shop in Orange County.

No matter how unique or custom the fabrication you require to give your business the right look and feel, we have the experience and know how to make your Custom Stainless dreams come true

We use laser cutting and water jetting, which allows us to create unique and beautiful custom steel work to suit any project, allowing us the ability to make just about anything that you can dream up a reality.
We currently service INDUSTRIAL CLIENTS, RESTAURANT & FACILITIES ONLY , we happily provide custom stainless design and installation services in Orange County with an emphasis on heavy industrial and custom stainless restaurant equipment, please note we build exclusively for commercial installs and currently we DO NOT accommodate residential designs or installations.

We have been providing restaurant construction in Orange County since 1979 and have been licensed since 2000 as a c-43 sheet metal, kitchen equipment and ventilation contractor .

Additionally, we have been providing custom builds and custom steel installation and design services in orange county and leading the way in the southern California custom stainless industry since 1984.

We are also certified to install Thermal Ceramics Duct wrap on duct work for fire prevention . This is the best product on the market in our opinion and that's why we use it for all of our duct work ,OC duct repair and maintenance clients . 

We are now listed on the XLT ovens website as the #1go to OC industrial hood and oven installers for all your pizza oven and hood installation and repair needs .

We did two installs in the past with duct work in excess of 200 feet for exhaust. We have done a Korean BBQ that had 24 tables and all duct work went under ground to a sump that had water wash then up to blowers on roof . If it is crazy we have already done it and can do it again .

Hibachi Steak House we put in six hoods on one blower and years later came back and added six more hoods to another blower to their dinning room remodel it all turned out awesome 

We also build equipment for doctors offices, veterinary clinics, breweries and warehouse facilities, some examples of this type of work would be:  counters, sinks, tables, custom counter tops, large casks and brew tanks, sneeze guards, custom subterranean and or elevated/rooftop duct, ventilation and steel fabrication systems & more. 

We have custom built custom Steel fabrication work for Korean BBQ, Dominos Pizza, 24 Hour Fitness, Hibachi Steakhouse and many many more... references available upon request, our stellar reputation for custom stainless installation in Orange County is 42 years strong!

If you are looking for the best custom restaurant and industrial facility stainless fabrication in Orange County then give us a call for a free quote today!